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Searching for mother's two friends

20 August 2014

“My mother was Marjorie Elizabeth Raymond. I live in Murray Bridge, South Australia. After my mother passed away (about 17 years ago) I used to keep in contact with two of her best friends, Cynthia Hedges (Breton Grove, Kingston) and Pauline Yerex (Carterton). I have lost contact with both of them, I believe Pauline had moved and haven’t received Christmas cards from Cynthia for the past two years. I was wondering if anyone can help me find them, or let me know what’s happened to them.”

Contact: Linda – lindajaneraymond@hotmail.com

Looking for the family of Norman Barnard Otto Westerholm

12 August 2014

"I have a dead man's penny in the name of Norman Barnard Otto Westerholm. I have tried for a long time to find members of his family to return the plaque, which was found at the bottom of a garden in Wellington. He is buried at Etaples cemetery. His mother was Gertie Galloway of Wellington. I have tried many avenues with no success. Can anyone help please?"

Contact: Moys - moys5@xtra.co.nz

Searching for Corporal Roy John Leslie's descendants

12 August 2014

"I am searching for the descendants of Roy John Leslie, the one New Zealand soldier who is buried in Tahiti from WWI. Roy John Leslie was born in Hawera, and died at age 23 on September 5, 1917 on board the NZHS Maheno. He belonged to the field of artillery and his service number was 2/577. 

His next of kin is noted as Mrs D Leslie from Onehunga, Auckland. We would like to find descendants of Corporal Roy John Leslie and inform them that there will be a special tribute to honour him in the centenary of Anzac Gallipoli commemorations in Tahiti in 2015. 

I am desperately seeking information about his descendants, and would appreciate if you could contact me regarding this matter.”

Contact: Cathy Gourbault-Lawrence – gythac@mail.pf

Searching for information and families of three WWII soldiers

29 July 2014

"I live near what used to be RAF Cottesmore in Rutland, England and have recently discovered that 3 RNZAF personnel who died in WWII are buried in the village cemetery. Having lived in NZ for a couple of years I am interested to try and find out a little bit more about these men who are so far from home and to see if they have family in NZ. 

They are Sgt Pilot Vincent Herbert Griffiths, Sgt Pilot Jack Edward Wall and Sgt Pilot Wilford John Collins. All three were members of 14 OTU at Cottesmore training on Hampdens and in the case of Sgt Collins, the Wellington.

Sgt Griffiths was killed in a training exercise on December 12, 1941 and his family (parents Thomas and Millicent) came from Parnell and he had two sisters, Margaret and Majorie. He was 29. Sgt Jack Wall was killed in the same accident as Sgt Griffiths. He was 19 and came from Harihari (parents William and Emily). He had two brothers, Archie and Frank, and a cousin Mary Katherine who lived with them. Sgt Collins came from Remuera and was 23 when he was killed in an accident on December 6, 1942. I have found from online documents that he had a brother Ted and a sister Eunice. His parents were Edward and Louise. He was married to Zena some time in 1941-1942, and I think she later remarried. 

I've also discovered that the accident which killed both Sgts Wall and Griffiths took place near Waltham on the Wolds which is in Leicestershire. They had taken off from a small airfield called RAF Saltby and their respective aircraft had collided somewhere on the RAF Saltby circuit. 

I wonder if anyone knows if they still have family in NZ who may be unaware of what happened to them. Their graves are well looked after by the CWGC in a small village cemetery in Rutland.”

Contact: Melissa - shopping@pilbeams.com 

Wanting to trace soldier's family in Italy

29 July 2014

"My uncle, Douglas William Lawson 31147 – was in WWII, stationed in Egypt and worked as part of the Medical Corp as I understand. When he died, I inherited all his war memorabilia. Amongst all the memorabilia is an Italian soldiers passport. I would love to return it to the family in Italy and have tried myself through the internet but haven’t had a whole lot of luck. I did find two men in the same area of Italy, near Bologna, with the same surname and one had the same first name too. Both have said the soldier is not related to them. One of those I contacted, Kristian Montevecchi, has very similar facial features and I was surprised there was no family link. I think he thought it was a scam.  

I think Uncle Douglas got hold of the diary, as in his diary dated April 3, 1941 there is a note reading “Wounded Italian soldier arrived. I stood by his bed.” His diary note of April 7, 1941 says “A death from burns. I was pallbearer”. Putting two and two together I think he may have befriended the Italian soldier and kept his passport as a memory. I would really like to trace the family in Italy, so if anyone can help I would be appreciative.”

Contact: Stephanie – stephanie@rodneywayne.com

Requesting photographs of Maori Contingent in WWI

25 July 2014

"I am seeking any photos of the Maori Contingent who served in World War I, in particular members of the NZ Maori Pioneer Battalion from 1916 through to 1918. My grandfather's name was Matewai Piki Pohatu and I'm undertaking some whanau research. If you can help, please contact me."

Contact: Kaye Maree - kayemareedunn@gmail.com

Seeking former members of Victor 4 Coy, serving in Vietnam from 1969-1970

16 July 2014

"I am seeking the whereabouts of the following men or their families, who served with Victor 4 Company 6RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Bn in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970:

  • John Duncan (deceased)
  • Graeme Ferguson (deceased) 
  • B Gibbard
  • B Hamilton
  • Johnno Johnston
  • Billy Noah (deceased)
  • Gerry Pulker (deceased)
  • Min Simons
  • Mike Stirland
  • Cody Te Koi (deceased)
  • Horace Thompson (deceased)
  • Ernie Veevers
  • Dick Vendetti
  • Tim Wihapi
I would like to track down these men or their families as they are to receive a copy of our V4 book 'A Soldiers View of the Vietnam War'.
Please get in contact if you are able to help."
Contact: Geoff - victor4@xtra.co.nz

Available: photos of NZ service member gravestones in Codford Cemetery, Salisbury

11 July 2014

"I have been given a flash drive full of photos of New Zealand service member gravestones from WWI in Codford Cemetery, Salisbury. The man who gave me the images was hoping that family members could be tracked down and copies of the photos given to them, as many families will probably never make it over there to see them. I've attached a spreadsheet with names of the soldiers and their details. 
Click here to view the spreadsheet
If anyone would like to request photos of a gravestone, please contact me."

Contact: Sarah - westportrsa@clear.net.nz

Looking for records of John Henry McAvoy

2 July 2014

“I am seeking records of John Henry McAvoy who was a WWI soldier. He was born in Dannevirke and his name appears on the cenotaph database. I understand he may have died in Australia. I cannot find any record of his death so I am wondering if anyone can help.”

Contact: Mary – kevinm2@xtra.co.nz

Looking for POWs from Stalag VIIIA or related work camps

19 June 2014

“I have been given a small diary of my father’s. He was a POW in Stalag VIIIA and spent most of this time working in one of the nearby coalmines, but I haven’t been able to find out which one. When the prisoners were released towards the end of WWII, his group was marched from Silesia across the border into Czechoslovakia, and then back into Germany across the Danube River near Straubling, finishing up in Regensburg, where the survivors were rescued by the Americans and taken to Nancy in France.

The diary details the number of kilometres the column marched each day, the villages (many of which would have had their names changed after the war) through which the men passed and slept overnight, and the days they received food and those when they had to scavenge for themselves. As far as I can ascertain, the route taken by these ex-POWs has not been documented in any WWII POW histories I have read.

I am wondering if there are any former POWs from Stalag VIIIA or one of the related work camps still alive, who may have been on the same march, as I would like to make contact with anyone who can provide me with more details about this period of my father’s life. I would like to document it before it’s too late. Unfortunately none of the letters sent home at the time have survived”.

Contact: Edna – etcars@clear.net.nz

Seeking photographs of the NZ Searchlight Battery

19 June 2014

"I am seeking photographs of the New Zealand Searchlight Battery 2NZEF in WWII. They were stationed in Fiji. Notes I have appear to read ‘Light AA Battery to 38 Heavy Battery’. In particular, I would like images of John Abraham Toovey if possible."

Contact: Kelly-Maree – kmcoll30@yahoo.co.nz

Search for Basil Henry Broadhead

19 June 2014

"My father’s brother, Francis Max McKenzie was the pilot of a plane shot down over The Netherlands in 1943. He was killed but four crew members survived and were subsequently caught and become POWs. 

Earlier this year the organisation known as ‘The Planehunters’ found the site of the crash and excavated the remains of the plane. Not long after this, a son of a member of the Dutch Resistance during the war, contacted 'The Planehunters’ and mentioned that his father helped a New Zealander, Basil Henry Broadhead from the crew of this plane by hiding him in an area known as ‘The Woods’. After the war, Basil wrote to this man. Now his son would like to make contact with Basil if he is still alive, or any of his relatives. 

I have been trying to locate relatives with the same surname but have had no luck, despite it being an uncommon surname. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who may be related, or know of Basil Henry Broadhead.”

Contact: Nesta– randnward@inspire.net.nz

Requesting photograph of family grave at Cesena

4 June 2014

“I am wondering if anyone travelling along the Italian coast of the Adriatic Sea, near the city of Rimini, would be prepared to photograph my cousin’s headstone in the Cesena War Cemetery at Cesena. There are 774 graves, 93 of which are for the 2nd NZ Division. My cousin lance corporal Fraser McGirr was killed in action on 19 October 1944, aged 23 years. His service number was 238112 and he was buried in this cemetery at plot 1, row H, grave number 4. I would be most thankful if anyone would be able to photograph this for me.”

Contact: Dawn – dawn.pugh@xtra.co.nz

Who is the man in this photograph?

26 May 2014

Can you identify this man?













“Does anyone have any information on the man in this photograph? I know that he did the Western front, stayed around Nieppe & Armentières in France even after Armistice, and came back several times after. He was from 3rd Rifle NZ, I believe Medical Corps. I would appreciate any information that people may have.”

Contact: Michael - turbe.michael@neuf.fr

Need help recovering stolen WWI postcards and letters

20 May 2014

"We have had our families’ WWI postcards and letters stolen last year in Christchurch. I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who may have seen these precious family letters. They are letters from PTE Charles Rodda (our grandfather) 55796 from the Otago Infantry NZEF. These letters were received by his mother, Mrs C Hollow, who lived in Humber Street, Oamaru. He also sent letters to and from his sister. These letters are very precious and we would love to know where they are and recover them." 

Contact: Timothy - tim.t1997@gmail.com

Wanting information on Australian and New Zealand soldiers in 7th Reinforcements

20 May 2014

"My Dad was a serviceman in the Australian Army and was based in Perth in 1943.  He has just celebrated his 90th Birthday and has now only really started to talk about some of the things that he got up to at that time. Apparently in early 1943 he was drinking with the New Zealand soldiers.  Their troop ship was in Perth and was leaving soon.  One of the men expressed that he was not keen to leave and Dad wanted to go to war and wasn’t even close to leaving, so they thought it was a good idea at the time that they would change uniforms and trade places.  The uniforms fitted except the boots.

Unluckily for Dad as he was walking down the street, his brother who was an MP saw him in the NZ uniform.  He then grabbed him and took him to the station in Midland and told him to get back to his barracks. He says he knows he has maybe left it too long to follow it up but he would dearly love to know what became of the man he changed uniforms with.  He did not, or cannot, remember his name but only that he was with the 7th Reinforcements.

I know that it is a long shot but I am wondering if anyone may have heard this story, or maybe the soldier went AWOL. Maybe he got on the troop ship – these are the questions we would love answers to. I would be most interested in hearing from anyone who might have heard  this story or has any information." 

Contact: Dorne – dorneb@activ8.net.au

Searching for information about Acting Leading Airman, J.P White

20 May 2014

Who is the man on the left? Arthur May is on the right.














"I am seeking information about Acting Leading Airman J.P White. His first name was possibly Jim, service number FX89006. He trained to be a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm in WWII with my late father, Arthur May. Their training took place in July and August 1942 at Number 31 Service Flying Training School in Kingston, Ontario in Canada. I also wish to identify the man on the left in the photo, who may be Mr White, and if possible the woman. My father Arthur is standing on the right. This photo was taken next to Niagara Falls in Canada in the summer of 1942."

Contact: Kim – kimkeene@paradise.net.nz

Do you have any information about Whitford Brown?

20 May 2014

“I am looking for information on Whitford Brown, who served in the RNZAF during WWII. He later became Mayor of Porirua City. He spent time in Canada training, and he originated from Wanganui. I would appreciate any help from people who may have information.”

Contact: Steve - srbrown@xtra.co.nz

Looking for families of WWI medals

13 May 2014

“I hold two WWI medals which have been in my family for over 35 years. However, recently I have discovered that they are inscribed with non-family names. The inscriptions are
42842 Pvt A. D. Lamb NZEF.
74790 Pvt W.L. Lamb NZEF.
I am interested in locating the families of these medal recipients. Please get in touch if you have any information about these medals or soldiers.”

Contact: Alan - adi.export@xtra.co.nz 

Seeking location of grave

13 May 2014

Family gravestone, location unknown

"The photo above is of a headstone for a family member, who served in the Boar War. I am trying to find the location of this grave. I would be grateful if anyone can help."

Contact: Alen - a.robbiecongo@gmail.com 

Help to identify grandfather known only as Johnny

13 May 2014










"My grandfather was an NCO of the Commonwealth RNZAF airman Sergeant in WWII, 1943. His name was Johnny (John), surname unknown. He died in the war between July 1943 and 1945. I am trying to find out what squadron he belonged to and where he was. If anyone may recognise him or know any information, that would be helpful. It’s been a family mystery."

Contact: Helen - helen.mason20@bigpond.com


Who appears in this WWI photo with Herbert Ainslie Cochrane?

6 May 2014

Herbert Ainslie Cochrane and companion









"My uncle, Herbert Ainslie Cochrane appears at the right of this photograph, being taken in Edinburgh in 1918-1919. On the back is the name G (or T) Mason, Hauturu, Kawhia but so are other scribbles, so I cannot be sure the man on the left is actually Mr Mason. I also cannot find any record of a military file under that name. My uncle and this man were in training at Sling Camp when the war ended and took the opportunity to travel around Britain together before they were sent home. I would love to know anything about his travelling companion and if possible, their joint trip as I am compiling a family history and that part of my uncle's life is very sketchy. My uncle also took some photos and this man appears in at least one of them."

Contact: Donald - em66nz@hotmail.com

Searching for information on flight sergeant Holford, injured in 1942

6 May 2014

Flight Sergeant Holford's entry










"I have a friend in the UK whose mother was a nurse during World War Two, living near Watford. Her family invited injured allied servicemen into their home. My friend has since found an autograph book belonging to her mother. The picture is an entry from a flight sergeant in the RNZAF who was injured in 1942, by the surname of Holford. I am wondering if anyone has any information regarding Flt Sgt Holford as we would be most interested to know what happened to him." 

Contact: Dave – davechiverton@xtra.co.nz

Found photo album of Bill Lawrence

6 May 2014

“I recently found a photo album, named ‘Bill Lawrence’ in the front. The album has photos from the World War Two and have captions such as “Hollingbourne church”, “The Clausen brothers slept here”, “6839 PTE.ISC Holmes (Padre) Dean Hurst takes the service (funeral service)”, “SGT Snow Williams first in line” and “Tom De Lisle in crater”. I would very much like to track down any family of Bill Lawrence so that the album can be returned to the owner. If anyone knows who this might belong to, please get in touch.”

Contact: Shirley - shirley@earthlink.org.nz

Seeking information on Ernest Alexander Wylie

6 May 2014

Ernest Alexander Wylie
















"I am searching for a historical record relating to my late grandfather in the photograph. His regimental number is 10/3795 NZEF. Enlisted 1/08/1915, signed on 19/10/1915 at Wanganui. He was discharged on 25/04/1919. In later life, he lived in Te Atatu in Auckland and passed away on 10 July 1966. He had an Auckland RSA membership number 7135 in 1965. He was a bugler in 1915 and lost his bugle during the war. It was found at a shop in London, UK around the time of his death and the finders tracked down his details – the bugle was returned to the family in Auckland.

At that time there was an article in an Auckland newspaper, either the Auckland Star or the Herald, titled ‘The Call of the Bugle’. I was hoping that the people who tracked him down may have used the services of the RSA to try and locate him, or there may be some records of this events. I am very interested in getting a copy of the newspaper article for our records and would be appreciative if anyone has any information or can help. My understanding is that the bugle was returned to the family in July 1966 around the time of his death. It is in safe hands with our eldest cousin, along with his war diary, but we have no written records about the events of its return and would welcome a copy of the newspaper article or any other information." 

Contact: Russell – russellmurphy01@optusnet.com.au

New Zealand sailors returning home in 1945

31 March 2014 

New Zealand sailors returning home in 1945


"Can anyone help with the date these New Zealand sailors were photographed returning to New Zealand in 1945 after World War 2? Also, wanting to find out the name of the ship they returned on. Anne Dawling, whose two brothers were on board (now both deceased) says she knows they had been at HMS Mayina and came home later in the year, rather than earlier. The ship is believed to have been an aircraft carrier designed in the United States."

Contact: Anne - annedaw@xtra.co.nz

Who appears in this WWI photo with R W (Dick) Shirley?

31 March 2014

Who appears in this WWI photo?


"Does anyone recognise the man standing in this World War One photograph? He is with R W (Dick) Shirley, seated. The location is unknown, but Dick served in Samoa, Egypt and Western Front, mainly with 2 Bn 3 NZ Rifle Brigade. If anyone is able to put a name to the face I would be most interested in hearing from you".

Contact: Denise - denisesh@xtra.co.nz 

Who appears in this WWI photo with Roy Edward Everett?

2 March 2014

Standing right is Roy Edward Everett - born Nelson 1896, Military Medal 1917, died Nelson Bays 1970



“This photo features three World War One soldiers and the one standing at the right is my grandfather Roy Edward Everett from Nelson. Are you able to identify the two soldiers who appear in this photo with Roy? We assume the photograph was taken in New Zealand prior to leaving for active service.

Roy Everett (Serial Number 2/1973) was a Gunner with 13 Battery 3rd Brigade NZ Field Artillery Canterbury Battalion. Roy saw service in Gallipoli (1915) and France & Belgium (1916, 1917, 1918) and returned to Nelson in 1919, farming in Takaka until his death in 1970.”

Contact: Jenifer - jenlem@windowslive.com


17 January 2014

“We found some personal effects of a deceased WWI soldier by the name of Alfred Martin, who had lived in Wellington, New Zealand and seemed to be conscripted from there (there is an Order to Parade form from the NZ Expeditionary Force).  According to the notification from the Base Records Branch of the New Zealand Military Forces in Wellington, Mr Martin died at the front of wounds on the 8th of November 1918. The Army form is dated 2nd April, 1919, and is addressed to Mrs E Mathews, North Road, Papanui.

I realize that it’s almost 100 years since this occurrence, but I want to at least try to return this property to a family member, if possible. Please contact me if you have any information on the whereabouts of Mr Martin’s family.”

Contact: Valma - Vlanceley@shaw.ca 


17 January 2014

LAC VJ (Vince) Walshe, RNZAF (kneeling centre)

"I hope there is a reader out there who knows who the people in this photograph are. The photo was taken on board a ship (most likely the Interisland Ferry) during WWII. My father - LAC VJ (Vince) Walshe, RNZAF -  is pictured kneeling centre. He was stationed at New Plymouth, and was either going to the South Island on a training course or coming back."

Contact Clive - clive.walshe@hotmail.com 


6 January 2014

“I would like to contact the family of WO II Charles William Green No: 21939 - discharged from the NZ Army 12/09/1916, died 11/11/1919 of influenza. I have WW1 medals belonging to Green which I would like to return to his family. He was an accountant on the MV 'Mokaia' at his time of discharge.”

Contact: John – 03 351 4062 or johnandrobynshirley@gmail.com


5 December 2013

Edward Harold Cragie Graham

 Edward Harold Cragie Graham


"I am trying to find out more about my father’s time in the Fleet Air Arm. His name was Edward Harold Craigie Graham and he passed away 35 years ago in Oamaru. If you knew my father, or have any information, please email me."

Contact: Janice - redluom@slingshot.co.nz


5 December 2013

Do you have information about this crew?

 "Hi everyone! I am looking for information about this crew, with particular reference to the guy near the yellow arrow. It should be the crew of a Lgt. Burke. Thank you."

Contact: Ottavio - ottavio.arzano@libero.it


20 November 2013

J Davies R.E. Victory Medal


"I have recently come into possession of a WW1 Victory Medal which is engraved around the sides with 117731 Pnr J Davies R.E. There may be somebody out there who is family who would like it back. If you are family, or if you know them, please contact me."

Contact: Bob - psmurf.interdoms@xtra.co.nz


Flight Sergeant Leonard James Stafford Bush

18 October 2013

Gravestone of L.J.S Bush


"Some while ago we spent a holiday on St. Mary's, the largest of the Isles of Scilly islands. As we wandered around the island we came across a little church surrounded by its own rather rambling cemetery.

We meandered around looking at the graves, enjoying the surroundings and admiring the flowers.  There was a great sense of peace and tranquillity, a special atmosphere all of its own. After a while we came upon a row of head stones in memory of Second World War Veterans. One of these was dedicated to Flight Sergeant L.J.S. Bush of the New Zealand Air Force.

It occurred to us to wonder whether the family of Flight Sergeant Bush was aware of his final resting place. It would be good to know if there are any of the Bush family out there who, if they do not already know, might be glad to think that his grave is in a lovely place and that the church and cemetery are so well looked after.

Below is the wording on his grave stone:

12TH SEPTEMBER 1942  AGE 28"

Contact: Maurice - fmclarke@paradise.net.nz


25 September 2013

Frederic Birch with unknown man, France 1918


“I am trying to find out the young man sitting in this photo taken in France in 1918.  

My father, Frederic Birch, is standing beside him. He was in the New Zealand Expeditionary 16th reinforcements Forces, NZ Machine Gun Corps, 4th Company.

I’m unsure whether the young man seated was in the same unit. I am hoping someone may see this photo and recognise the man as a relative of theirs. The group photo is of the unit, so someone may see him in this as well.”

NZ Expeditionary Force


Contact: Margaret - maggie.f.nicholls@gmail.com 


25 September 2013

Keith Lewis and Pancho

Pilot Officer Keith Lewis


“Pilot officer Keith Lewis was a New Zealander who was killed in action in France on 28th October 1944.  I have four original photographs of him which I want to send to his next of kin.  One of the photographs includes his friend who was known as Pancho.  He was in 182 Squadron at the time of his death and operating from airfields in France flying Typhoons on armed reconnaissance missions.

There is more information about him at the Auckland Museum Cenotaph site here

I did write to Veterans’ Affairs who replied that the pilot’s parents were William and Roberta (nee Palmer) Lewis of New Plymouth and that he had 3 brothers and one sister.

It would be fitting if these original photographs of Keith Lewis could be sent to one of his immediate family so that they could share them with the remainder of his family. Please contact me if you have any information on his family’s whereabouts.”

Pilot Officer Keith Lewis


Contact: Les - karenandles@hotmail.com



September 2013

"I am looking to see if anyone has any information about a person by the name of Dennis Bradley who resided near the Basin Reserve, Wellington in 1965/66.

I believe Dennis came from Shropshire in England and was on a cruise ship from Australia, around January 1965, which sailed into Wellington.

If anyone has any information about Dennis I would be grateful to hear from you."

Contact: Neil - neilfawcus@bigpond.com


3 September 2013

"My grandfather Manfred Munroe Mcfadyen served in the WW2 NZ 3rd Division, 37th Battalion, C Company. I’m looking for a copy of the battalion or company photo. Can anyone help?

Contact: Daryl - darylstyles@hotmail.com or 09 296 8931


26 August 2013

“I have a copy of a Manual of Seamanship Volume 1, 1937 edition that used to belong to Sub Lieutenant G.R. Curtis RNZNVR, HMS Philomel in 1942. I think he went on to be skipper of HDML 1185 of the 124th ML Flotilla at Auckland on 27 July 1943. She was renamed HMNZS Manga in 1960. I’m looking to return the manual to this gentleman or his family.”

Contact: David - david.mcluckie1@gmail.com


20 August 2013

"A friend of my family, Peter David Charles Bowyer, is trying to track down a Royal Navy friend by the name of Colin Stanley. They lost touch in 2003 at which point Colin was living in Glendowie or Ellerslie.

Colin is married to Lesley Stanley. They have 5 daughters, Sarah, Tracey, Chelse, Bonnie and Victoria. After moving to NZ, Colin worked for Ministry of Ag and Fish (MAF).

Peter is 75 and living in England and so has asked me to assist with the search.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any information on Colin Stanley’s whereabouts.”

Contact: Sara - Sara.Watson@courierpost.co.nz


8 August 2013

Royal Air Force War Manual in trunk belonging to Sqn Ldr George Allan


“In a cleanout under our house we found a trunk marked with the name of the above gentleman, whose address when he returned to New Zealand was 30 Mangere Road, Otahuhu, Auckland. I have tried all means to try and find this man or his family.

I imagine any descendants of George Allan would be delighted to receive his old trunk with his name and address beautifully printed on the top, as well as his Royal Air Force Manual. Please let me know if you have any information on their whereabouts. Many thanks for any help you are able to provide.”

Contact: John - jcdanvers@gmail.com


2 August 2013

"I would like to be put in touch with anyone who knows or knew Second Lieutenant D E Pearson, who served with New Zealand forces, 6 LAA Regiment, 1951-56. I have discovered a memento which I would like to return to D E Pearson or his family."

Contact: Valerie - val.smith@paradise.net.nz


31 July 2013

"We recently inherited a collection of family war medals and memorabilia. Among these we found medals and badges belonging to:

    • John Dods, 2/1769 from Opotiki, died in France 1916
    • Alfred Millard, 10/570 from Dannevirke, wounded at Gallipoli
    • Angus McLean (known as Galbraith), 73359 possibly from Wellington, buried Karori 1936

We would dearly love these to be returned to their families."

Contact: Ian - ilister@xtra.co.nz



31 July 2013

"I am searching for photographs of my old platoons. They are the 4th Platoon 20th Intake of 1978 and the 2nd Platoon, 20th Intake of 1978. I will appreciate any assistance that you can give me."

Contact: Ira - blakeb@npdc.govt.nz


26 July 2013

622 Squadron 13 August 1943

"I will be visiting Germany in September this year and would like to try and find the place where my Uncle Ron is laid to rest. Ronald Boyd has two immediate surviving family members left and we have many questions left unanswered. Can you please help me with any contacts or leads that might help my search?


      • Navigator Shorts Stirling Mk3 BF 521
      • Service # 413221
      • 622 Squadron under secondment to the RAF
      • Operation failed to return from night bombing over Berlin 23/24th August 1943. It was most likely shot down by a night fighter over the Doberitz area close to Berlin, with one of his aircrew members found by the CWGC in 1949 at a local cemetery together with 11 unnamed airmen graves. Sgt. FC Strevens was identified at the time of the crash according to German records."

Contact: Stuart - stu_airborne@yahoo.com.au


10 July 2013

“I am planning a reunion of the 12th 1965 Intake at Burnham Military Camp, providing there is enough interest. The reunion will be held at the Burnham Military Camp around September 2013. Please contact me if you are interested in attending or spread the word by passing on my contact details to any ex 12th Intake Soldiers you know.

If the reunion is able to take place I would like to think it may be a special event each year.”

Contact: Paul Bradley – 03 302 9332 or ppm_swing@xtra.co.nz


3 July 2013

“I have had two items handed to me. There is a Victory Medal engraved 63766 PTE G PADDY NZEF and an old Returned Soldiers Association badge engraved with the soldier's service number. I found him listed in the Auckland War Memorial Museum Web Site database: 63766 Pte George Paddy. If you have any information that could unite these items with George Paddy’s family please contact me.”

Victory Medal and RSA badge

Contact: George Mathew, President, Palmerston North RSA - George.Mathew@xtra.co.nz or 06 354 9933


1 July 2013

Desmond Harvey PAUL back row, far right (service number 490396, Driver, 2nd Ammunition Company, 2NZEF, WWII)


“My father Desmond Harvey Paul attended an Army reunion held in Christchurch in the 1960s. The photograph above was taken during the reunion and I am searching for the following information:

      • What is the name of this group/company/division?
      • Who are the men in this photo?
      • What year was this Army Reunion?
      • Where was the Army Reunion held?

Desmond mentions comrades’ names in his 1943 & 1944-45 Diaries that I am transcribing.  Desmond lived in Auckland, NZ all his life 1915-1988.”

Contact: Elizabeth - weheaphy@amcom.co.nz


1 July 2013

WWI Officer Training, Cambridge, UK


“This photograph has our grandfather in it; 2Lt Albert Victor Waetford 16/541 WWI Pioneer (Maori) Battalion. He is standing 3rd row from the top 6th person in from the right-hand side (he is looking to his left). It is dated 5 July 1917 and noted as being taken at Cambridge College, England. As we are visiting Cambridge in September this year we wondered if anyone could help us to identify which College in Cambridge this was taken at as there are many in that area of the UK. Any help would be much appreciated.”

Contact: Flora - ffalanaki@orcon.net.nz

Did you serve with Vernon Keith Norriss (Keith)?

21 June 2013

“Seeking people who may have served with Vernon Keith Norriss (Keith) in the late 50's. Keith passed away on Saturday 15th June peacefully with family around him.”

Contact: Robert - robert@psltotalair.co.nz


17 June 2013

NZ Public Relations Service, Field Section, on Christmas Eve in the NZ Sector of the Italian Front, WWII. This photograph was taken in 1943 by George Frederick Kaye


“Photojournalist, Author and Historian, John G Cosgrove, is researching for a book on New Zealand’s few official war photographers such as Harold G Paton, George F Kaye, Mervyn D Elias and George Bull. John would like to contact any old soldiers who can advise him of the activities of the PRS especially in Italy and the various teams attached to it such as the NFU (National Film Unit). He would also like to chat with any old soldiers about the photography they undertook during the war in the Mediterranean campaigns.”

Contact: John Cosgrove - johngcosgrove@hotmail.com


13 June 2013

“I’m looking for photographs or information on Ernest Frederick Tait, Rifleman Unit, 4th Battalion, 3rd NZ Rifle Brigade #38236. His date of birth is 06/02/1893-94 and he was born in Taihamete, Gisborne. Ernest died in WW1, I am his niece and would particularly love some photographs of my uncle.”

Contact: Shirley - jsdawson@iinet.net.au

Found – letters and photographs belonging to Oswald Henry Parker

5 June 2013

“We have some photographs and letters that belong to Oswald Henry Parker who was a Private in the Infantry Reinforcements, Regimental No 42560. His last NZ address was 13 Everton Terrace, Wellington. We would like to return them to his relations.”

Contact: Keith – 07 377 1170

Looking for information on WW2 fighter pilot Ronald McKay

5 June 2013

“I have a friend whose wife is trying to find out more about her Uncle but the information she has is very sketchy. He is believed to have been an RAF WW2 fighter pilot from NZ - possibly from the Dannevirke area whose name was Ronald McKay. He died in UK about 1942. Any help would be appreciated.”

Contact: Hugh - hhfrancisnav@gmail.com

Searching for relatives of those who served in the Chunuk Bair campaign

22 May 2013

“I am thinking about the 100th anniversary of the Chunuk Bair campaign (the August offensive) in August 2015 and I would like to contact relatives of those who died, or were involved in this campaign.

My grandfather, Major Frank Statham, and his brother Clive, were in the Otago Battalion, and were both killed on 8th/9th August 1915, as were many New Zealanders. This was possibly the time during the Gallipoli campaign when the largest number of NZers were killed, because they were playing a leading role in this campaign.

I don't know if there will be any formal service to recognise this time in August 2015. However, I plan to be in Gallipoli to honour my relatives at that time, and would like to know if there are others planning to make their pilgrammage at this time.

I would be particularly interested in making contact with descendents of those in the Otago Battalion. I would also be interested in making contact with any descendents of Lieutenant-Colonel William Malone of Wellington Battalion, one of the higher ranking New Zealanders at Chunuk Bair, who was killed on the same date as my grandfather and great uncle.”

Contact: Janet Statham - janetstatham@yahoo.com.au

In search of service members from the Third N.Z General Hospital Unit – Middle East

22 May 2013

“My Father Walter Felix Stevens now aged 94 is wondering if there are any service members still alive that were in The Third N.Z General Hospital unit that fought in the Middle East. Colonel Gower was the man in charge of his unit. We would appreciate any information that can be found.”

Contact: Rodney - r.jstevens@clear.net.nz

Do you know these RNZAF 1958 recruits?

13 May 2013

"Sailed from Glasgow on 28th May 1958, ten recruits for the RNZAF. Hoping for info on Bill Muir, John Haycock, Paul Roberts, Ben Smith, and Jeff Jefferson."

Contact: Tony - bowkera@xtra.co.nz

Looking for photographs of 14th intake of Corps RNZ INF (Unit 1 - WWCT)

10 May 2013

“I have been trying to obtain (without success to date) a photograph of my Unit, as my previous copy was mislaid. If you served in the same unit in the 14th intake, I would gratefully appreciate any photographs you may be able to provide. Costs incurred to provide these will of course be reimbursed.”

Contact: Max - maxallen2@bigpond.com

Seeking to return photographs and correspondence to relatives of W.A. Phipps

6 May 2013

W.A. Phipps


“My mother, Joan Howard (Court), has a photo album and correspondence from W. A. Phipps. The correspondence is addressed to my uncle from when he was a boy and details Phipps’ journey from NZ to GB during WW2. It also includes his departure and a card from when he was captured and imprisoned. We know very little as to the circumstances, but would like to pass the Album to his relatives.”

Contact: Paul - howard_paul2@sky.com

Searching for the 1966 intake into the RAN College at Jervis Bay

30 April 2013

“We are planning a reunion at the College in January 2016 (50 years) and have now located around 20 of our number but none from the land of the long white cloud just yet.

There were 25 Australians and 4 Kiwis who comprised the 1966 intake into the RAN College at Jervis Bay. J.R. Louisson (John), R.J.Hayes (Roly) and J.M.Loader (John) were three of our group and I am aware that JR was Commissioned and promoted to at least Lieutenant in the mid 1970's.

Not all of us have survived and there have been at least 4 deaths that we are aware of. We would love to contact our former classmates. Any assistance would be very much appreciated.”

Contact: Brian - b.a.stewart@bigpond.com

Looking for ex RNZAF 490 squadron members

25 April 2013

“I would like to contact those who served with the RNZAF 490 squadron in Sierra Leone during World War 2, or their relatives.” 

Contact: Gordon - spiderw@xtra.co.nz

Seeking information on Private Harry Martin 

24 April 2013

“We are seeking any information on Private Harry Martin 42nd New Zealand Reinforcement No44262.14D. Harry is buried at Stratford, Taranaki.”

Contact: Baden - bcccbracey@xtra.co.nz

WW1 medals belonging to Corporal T.P. McIntyre found

24 April 2013

“Found - WW1 war medals belonging to Corporal T.P. McIntyre 10/220 NZEF. We hope to return these to his descendants.”

Contact: Geri - geri@gerisheppard.co.nz 

Looking for Lancaster Bomber crew members

17 April 2013

“I am trying to trace any Lancaster Bomber crew members who flew with Pilot C. M. Stevens in WW2. Charlie (Chaz) is alive and kicking living in New Zealand. Due to age and time passing any help would be appreciated. Some of the crew members I am trying to trace are George Giles, Les Hofert, Les Hall, Jim Saunders, William Jones and William Campin.”

Contact: Ron - elmes33@xtra.co.nz 

Searching for the family of Mita Teriwhanga of the 28th Maori Battalion

4 March 2013

“I am trying to find the family of my grandfather's half-brother (my grand uncle) Mita Teriwhanga (Serial No: 65378) of the 28th Maori Battalion, formerly of Cook Street Auckland. 

I understand Mita passed in the 1970s and that Mita and his wife Hariata (Harriet) had a son John who would now be in his late 70s - maybe a little older. I would love to re-connect with any of Mita's family.”

Contact: Peter - peterfraser@paradise.net.nz

Do you have information about Thomas Darrie?

22 February 2013

“I am looking for information on Thomas DARRIE, formally of Berwickshire, Scotland. 

Thomas joined the AIF 48th Infantry Battalion 1916 in South Australia. He was wounded in action 18/02/17, returned to Australia 10/09/17 and was discharged 28/11/17. It would appear that he immigrated to New Zealand and resided in the Canterbury area around 1924ish. There is a record of a Thomas Darrie in the 1949 electoral role for Ashburton. There was also mail addressed to him at Mr T Darrie, Kimberley, Darfield, via Christchurch NZ.”

Contact: Colin - colin.logan@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz 

WW1 medal belonging to Pte L G (Lawrence George) Perry found

21 February 2013

“I have a WW1 service medal which belonged to a Pte L G (Lawrence George) Perry. His sister Mrs T Woods lived in Pukekohe.  Does anyone know of this family as I would like to send the medal to them?”

Contact: Jeannie - mjo2001@gmail.com


Whilst Wilma Gilmour and her cousin were visiting Dunure (Ayrshire, Scotland), they were told about war graves in the Dunure Cemetery. They visited and
discovered that the graves were of New Zealand airmen killed in World War 2. Wilma photographed the gravestones.  She will be visiting her son in Auckland next Easter next year and can bring photos or information on the graves. Contact: Wilma Gilmour – drewfors@gmail.com.



World War 1 medals belonging to John Alexander Greer 53353 Rifleman were left in a trunk in New Zealand when he went to Australia about 60 years ago. His grandson, also John Greer, thinks that the person they were left with gave them to the Salvation Army. Contact: John Greer - jhlsg@bigpond.com.


Anyone know anything about Nurse Clara Lucas, whose name is World War 1/2 honours board at the Kaiwaka War Memorial Hall, which was built 60 years ago. Nurse Lucas’s name is called, along with other local soldiers who died or were killed in World War 1, every Anzac Day, at the Hakaru & Districts RSA service of the celebration; but The RSA has no record of why she is on ‘call’ list or the honours board, of how or where she died. Nurse Clara Lucas, nee Thornton, was born in 1875, the daughter of Margaret and George
William Thornton. She went to Kaiwaka Primary School, and married Henry Lucas in 1896 (he died in 1906). The Kaiwaka centennial (1859-1959) history mentions that “three young ladies saw service with the nursing division”. The others were her sister (Mrs Saunders) and Miss Hilda Donaldson (who became Mrs Vellenoweth). Her brother, George Alfred Thornton, 42230, was killed in 1917; another brother, James William Thornton, was wounded, and a third brother, Kenneth Thornton, also served. Her sister, Katherina (Ina) Saunders, is also on the Kaiwaka honours board - she married Edward Heat Saunders in 1899, and received an MBE in England as a VAD at No 3 General Hospital, Codford, United Kingdom. She did not have children. Contact: Lindsey Hargreaves - R.D.2, Kaiwaka 0573; 09 4312045; linz.harg@xtra.co.nz.


Rex Tindall is seeking information on World War 2 and Korean War medals belonging his father, Reginald Sydney Tindall. He also wonders if there was a RSA with a Post Office Box 10-015 address at Balmoral, Auckland (he thinks this RSA could be a link to his father). After searching for more than 30 years, Rex has discovered that Reg, a World War 2 and Korea veteran, died in Auckland in 1981. Rex is now piecing together his father’s life from the time Reg left Australia to his death. Rex is also trying to recover Reg’s war
medals so that he can pass them on to his own son, who has served overseas for Australia. Reg Tindall’s service numbers were QX60828, 1/3009 and 1/400032.
He had three because he upped his age to enlist for World War 2, re-enlisted for Korea in K-Force, then resigned after Korea until 1966. Contact: WO1(rtd)
Rex Tindill – rkt01@activ8.net.au.


Information sought in search for medals that belonged to David Ivon Porteous, Sapper 62881, NZ Engineers Divisional Signal Company, who died, aged 33, at Brockenhurst on November 14, 1918. It is believed that his medals and personal effects were sent to his mother, Mrs Beatrice Porteous, who lived in Fitzroy St, Dunedin. Contact: Ruth Porteous - strugglersridge@ clear.net.nz.


Janine Leighton would like to return the photos (above and below) to Arthur Williams, from Christchurch, or his family. The photos have been among her mother’s photo collection since the 1940s. Arthur was in the navy during World War 2, based in Auckland. The photo (above) appears to be in front of the boatsheds, on theAvon River, in Christchurch; Arthur is second from left, wearing a dark jacket and white shirt without a tie. In the lower photo, Arthur is the middle one of the three men in uniform; they have HMS Philomel on their hatbands. The collection also includes photos of Arthur with his grandmother, his Aunty Eva, and his uncle and cousin when he visited in Banstead, Surrey while on leave in England, and his sisters – Ngaire, Rata and Dulcie – at a family wedding. Contact: Janine Leighton, janineleighton@gmail.com.


Can you help track down the family John Edward Sullivan, who served in World War 1. His serial number was 25/1822 and he was a corporal. He listed his occupation as labourer. His father, J.E.Sullivan, worked in the post office at Pleasant Point, in South Canterbury, and is buried in the cemetary there. John Sullivan embarked in Wellington on April 1, 1916.at Wellington on April 1 ,1916 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 2nd Reinforcements, 3r Battalion, G Company. They were on Transport HMNZT 49, HMNZT 50 (the Maunganui and the Tahiti) bound for Suez, Egypt. Chris has found John Sullivan’s World War 1 Victory metal and would like to return it to his family. Contact: Chris Chenier, 10 Trevor St, Hornby, Christchurch 8042; nzpoohbear40@hotmail.com.


Stewart Ford, whose number was close to NZ8640, served on an escort carrier, HMS Patroller out of Greenock. Graham Adam, who was also on an escort carrier (HMS Patroller) is keen to trace Stewart. They last met in 1945 in Greenock. Contact: Graham & Margaret Adam, 1/2 William Donald Drive, Masterton, 5810; 06 3770527; gpadam@clear.net.nz; “grayhamadam” (skype).


Several photographs of Norman de Velezco have been found amongst the belongings of Neil Wilson’s late grandparents in Perth, Western Australia. Neil would like to return them to the de Velezco family. His research has determined that Norman de Velezco 7166 enlisted in the New Zealand Army in 1940. He married a Myrtle Alice (last name unknown) and in 1981, they lived at 19 Nixon Rd, Titirangi, Auckland. Norman de Velezco died in November 1983, aged 73, and was buried in the Waitakere Cemetery (as a returned serviceman) in Auckland. Contact: Neil Wilson, nawilson@cygnus.uwa.edu.au.


Bruce and Bev Clarke welcome any information about Herbert Ernest Clarke 501208, World War 2. He was originally in the 3rd Otago Unit and was then sent to the Solomon Islands, possibly Vanicora or Honiara.His 1946 letter of discharge, signed by the second-in-command, Maj A.H.Wilson, stated that Herb had served 738 days in the Solomons and held the rank of captain. When Herb told the locals he was leaving, they presented him with a live baby crocodile in a 44-gallon drum. This was towed behind the boat on the day he left and then let out to sea; those in the Solomons were unaware that he had not taken back to New Zealand.

After the Solomons, he was seconded to the British High Commission where he was based in Suva, Fiji, in an administrative position. Back in New Zealand, he resumed his pre-war career with State Insurance, in Dunedin. With this job he moved to Whangarei, Wellington, Timaru and back to Dunedin, before retiring in Timaru. Contact: Bev Clarke, clarkex2@xtra.co.nz.

(below) Herb Clarke is the middle, with McIlhinney (left) and Percy Roberts (right). Phil Marsack is another name that has cropped up, but significance is unknown.


Richard Parker is looking for Mark Jenkins, who was a lieutenant in the Royal Navy in the 1960s and 970s, and flew in “Simons Circus” in the Sea Vixens in Yeovilton. Contact: Richard Parker, 09 4016661;

email sandycrispins@xtra.co.nz.


Information sought on 2277 Pte George Ernest Perry, NZ Army, who was a prisoner-of-war.  Medals have surfaced in Perth, Western Australia, which appear to belong to him. Some of set seems to be missing. Contact: John Dick, Unit 6, 223 Rockingham Rd, Spearwood, WA 6163; 0061 8 94941799; 0061 8 94942033 (fax); 00614 24750429 (mobile);  jdick@atworkaustralia.com.au.


Les Kneale will be in New Zealand from Septemeber 28 and until October 26, and wants to contact Eddie Tapara (?). Both served on Rotoiti, RAF Singapore 1958-61. They were based at Seletar, worked on crypto, travelled to Labuan, RAAF Butterworth and Penang. He is also looking for sea-fishing companions while touring New Zealand. Contact: Les Kneale, Callan Dhoon Loop Rd, Maughold, Isle of Man , UK IM7 1HN; kneale@mcb.net.


Did you serve in Antarctica and want to participate in a survey? Peter Breen, of Rotorua, is writing a report for a business degree on medallic recognition Antarctica. For a copy, contact: Peter Breen, P.O.Box 2245, Rotorua 3040; 07 3456968; peter.breen@xtra.co.nz. To take part in the on-line survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SJ3KFWH.


World War 1 medals found: 1914-15 Star and 1914-19 Medal, 12/2992 Cpl W Delahoyde NZEF. Contact: R Perry, 7/309 Avenue Rd West, Hastings 4122; 06 8786942.


Craig Cormack wants to make contact with Eric J.Gallagher, author of Across Europe (published in the 1990s) or any of his family, about his book. Contact: Craig Cormack, craigcormack@xtra.co.nz lieutenant in the Royal Navy in the 1960s and 1970s.



Kim Keene has a book to give away. Training for Victory, by Peter C.Conrad, is the story of Allied air crews, including New Zealanders, who trained in the British Commonwealth air training plan in western Canada in World War 2. It contains a lot of information and has many photos. She also wants to engage a military historian about Fleet Air Arm and her father’s service. Contact: Kim Keene, 28 Kipling St, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037; 04 9770525; kimkeene@paradise.net.nz.


In 1962 or 1963 Walter (Wally) Frederick Russell Krammer travelled from Dargaville to Auckland to meet a friend, Martha, who had been a French Resistance worker during World War 2. Elizabeth Krammer (Wally’s daughter) can recall Martha telling them about her work in the Resistance. Her father served in 18 Petrol Company from 1942 to 1945. He drove tank-transporter trucks for 18 Tank Transport Company before being transferred to 1 NZ Petrol Company about the time he went from the Middle East to Italy. He was originally from Richmond, Nelson, and died in April 1973. Contact: Elizabeth Krammer 12D Seaforth Ave, Milson, Palmerston North 4414; 06 3538779; stae@slingshot.co.nz.


The Torpedo Bay Navy Museum Mascot Exhibition is collecting stories and photographs from ex-naval personnel who served on a ship when animals were on board. Contact: Debbie Ormsby, Navy Museum, 09 4461829; debbie.ormsby@nzdf.mil.nz


The photos have been found in the wall lining of a house at 33 Yule St, Kilbirnie, Wellington. The family of the soldier is welcome to have them.  Contact: I.J.B.McGilvary, 33 Yules St, Kilbirnie, Wellington 6022.


Charlie Te Awhe is looking for information about his grandfather, Ephraim Jack Prime, who served with the 28 Maori Battalion. Contact: RNZRSA National Office, 04 3847994. The contact email Charlie has given (chaznak@yahoo.co.nz) is incorrect; could Charlie contact the RSA National Office. Efforts have been made to contact 28 Maori Battalion Association to his request.


Jan Zandovski, a Latvian who was in the labour detail at Itzehoe/Spandenburg prisoner-of-war camps in northern Germany during World War 2, is seeking New Zealand ex-PoWs or descendants. Contact: Jan M.Aagaard, Thorkildsvej 65-3, 3700 Ronne, Bornholm, Denmark.


NZ Mounted Rifles at Gallipoli or New Zealand Division on the Western Front

Sarah Boddy is researching a World War 1 documentary funded by New Zealand On Air for screening in 2013. She would particularly like to contact families of men who served with the NZ Mounted Rifles at Gallipoli or with the New Zealand Division on the Western Front, especially at Somme, Messines, Passchendaele and Le Quesnoy. She is interested in letters, dairies, photos and memories that will give the documentary personal immediacy. Contact: Sarah Boddy, 04 3864440; sarahboddy@xtra.co.nz.


Heather Ruddle’s father, Ross Craddock, who served in North Africa and was awarded the Africa Star, died a year ago, aged almost 91. Heather is recording his life story in a Creative Memories storybook and is happy to share it. She is keen for contact from veterans or family of veterans who served with her father. Ross Craddock came from Whakatane and trained at Narrow Neck, Auckland. He served in No. 7 Platoon, No. 3 Section, A Company, 21 Battalion of the New Zealand Army, and has given a very detailed diary account of a battle at the end of March 1942, including when/how he was wounded on March 27 in front of Hill 209 where the Maori Battalion and the South Island 23 Battalion also fought. Contact: Heather Ruddle, 03 9602226; 027 5371760; ruddle@paradise.net.nz.



Can anyone help Flora Falanaki identify the people in these circa 1920s photos? The only person in the photos who is known is her grandfather, Albert Victor Waetford. He is standing left in the group of three (left) , and seated on the left-hand end of the front row in the bigger group (right). Albert was born in Whangarei, then moved to Whanganui while young. He served in World War 1, service number 16/541, with the Maori Pioneer Battalion from Putiki, Whanganui. He died in 1965. Contact: Flora Falanaki, 27 Hannah Rd, Otara, Auckland 2023; ffalanaki@orcon.net.nz.


Nicola O’Leary seeks help in identifying this staff sergeant and the medals. She was a WAAC, most likely a Tui, and her mother’s was Mrs Midgley. She received the New Zealand War Service Medal and the War Medal 1939-45. The photograph was taken by Mabel Tustin who had a studio in Wellington in the 1930s-40s. Contact: Nicola O’Leary, oleary_30@hotmail.com.


Nancy Penwarden (nee Gilmer) WAAF, would like to find Joy Holmes (nee Arnold) WAAF from New Plymouth, last known to be Tauranga. Contact: Nancy Penwarden, Jean Sandal Retirement Village, 228/71 Barrett Rd, New Plymouth 4310; 06 7513303.


Do you know about the Tomoana Freezing workers who served in WW2?  Does anyone know anything about 24 workers from the then Nelsons (NZ) Ltd Tomoana freezing works in Hawke’s Bay who died while serving in World War 2? Or anything about 24 oak trees planted in 1944 at the works as a living memorial to the 24 staff who died. Or anything about an honours board listing the names of all works employees who served in the war and indicating the 24 who died? A small group has been working for two years to protect the 17 remaining trees and to find the names of men represented (the honours board was removed and has not been found). Nine of the men have been identified. The group has been searching war rolls of honour related to Hawke’s Bay. But, because the works provided accommodation for single men, these men could have come from anywhere in New Zealand and may not appear on Bay rolls of honour. Contact: Marcia Murtagh, 904 Norrie St, Hastings 4120; 06 8783127; 027 4101505 or Elizabeth Gunn, lizandstuart@actix.co.nz.


William Ithel James’s daughter, who lives overseas, is after information about her father. He served in the New Zealand Army from 1914-18 in World War 1. He is believed to have joined the RSA on his return. He farmed a block of land at Rerekapa, not far from Whangamomona, in Taranaki, between 1911 and 1930. Contact: Jay Venables, jayvenables@xtra.co.nz.

Discharge Certificate Found.

A discharge certificate for a soldier who served in the NZEF during World War 1 has been found during the demolition of a house in Edendale, Southland. The certificate, which is in very good condition, was discovered down the back of a wardrobe. It is for Pve Robert P Galbreath 8/4128. He was wounded and honourably discharged around 1916. There are no Galbreaths in the Southland phone directory. Contact: Leon Perriam, 021 632123; leonperriam@gmail.com.

Seeking information on George Henry Burnet Newman.

Looking for George Henry Burnet Newman, who served in Egypt and was captured in Crete. He died some years ago, with only a plain wooden cross marking his grave. His son is an artist who is adept in metalwork and stonework, and wants to find the right battalion insignia to carve into his gravestone. Any information which would help him, or add to what his known about his father, appreciated. Contact: Andrea Graves, kriemhild85@gmail.com.

Searching for Patrick John Homes.

The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service has approached RSA National Office and are searching on behalf of granddaughter Mrs Wendy Hecht- Wendt. Her own Father, who is Patrick Gordon Hall (last name changed through a divorce and remarriage) has terminal cancer. He has not seen his father for many years and is very keen to find out what has happened to him before he goes himself.   His father’s name is Patrick John Holmes.  The Salvation Army have been advised that Patrick was WW2 having changed his birth date to 30/05/1919 to enlist from 30/05/1923 which is as shown on birth certificate. Any help you can provide with this would be most appreciated. All the enquiries have drawn a blank both here and in Australia and even if he proves to be deceased it will be helpful to the family to have the news. Contact: Major Peter Bradley, Family Tracing Service, Ph (04) 382 0710, Confidential Fax (04) 802 6257, Email  family_tracing@nzf.salvationarmy.org

Gerry Wright would like to know of surviving or deceased Christmas Island bomb test veterans.

Gerry Wright has taken over keeping the roll of Christmas Island bomb test veterans. He would like to know of veterans who have died during the last five years. He would also like the names of surviving veterans. Contact: Gerry Wright – 8 Rowan Rd, Epsom, Auckland 1023; 09 6243969; gerrywright@xtra.co.nz

Do you know these two members of the RNZAF who served with the Bomber Command?

Derek Thomas, in the United Kingdom, is trying to locate two members of the RNZAF who served with RAF Bomber Command in the UK in 1944. Both Fg Off F.Cooper, a wireless operator, and F/S G.Burke, a mid upper-gunner, served in the crew of Fg Off D.Gordon (pilot), during 1944, on 514 Squadron based at RAF Waterbeach. On October 14, 1944, they returned from a daylight raid to Duisburg, in Germany, to be met by a photographer. The publicity photo taken was published and retained in archives. This crew were chosen because it consisted of two RNZAF, two RAAF, two RAF and one RCAF. An artist has reproduced this photograph in sepia, and prints are being sold to raise funds for the Bomber Command memorial in London. One of the two RAF men in the photo is alive, and Derek Thomas hopes to locate others or close relatives. He has a very good copy of the original photo. Contact: Derek Thomas – derek@tomqat.fsnet.co.uk.

Mark Scragg is interested in contacting survivors of his father's unit.

Joe Scragg, a World War 2 sapper with 19 Army Troops in Greece and Crete, was invalided home with the first furlough. His son, Mark Scragg, is interested in contacting survivors of this unit, or their relatives. His father took “quite a few” photos and named many of the men in them. Contact: Mark Scragg – mscragg_nz@yahoo.com.

Trevor G.Clarke is trying to locate the home base of his mother’s half-brother, Harry Hamilton-Irvine.

He was born in 1922, served in World War 2 (No. 434365) and died in 2010 at St John’s Hospital, town unknown. Contact: Trevor Clarke 74667 – Pukekohe; nobby26@xtra.co.nz

Does anyone know anything of these four troopers from 20 Armoured Regiment?

Contact: Peter Scott – 27 Kenwyn Ave, St.Albans, Christchurch 8052; 03 3556732; peter.judy@actrix.co.nz.

Searching for RNZAF F/S E.W.Metcalf

Served at RAF Tengah, Singapore in 1957. He was clerk of the course for the first major motor-car race meting at Changi Aerodrome on June 9, 1957. Changi infiormation: www.rafchangi.co.uk. Contact: Brian W. Lloyd – publicity,press and searchline officer, RAF Changi Association, 0044 1628 661005; brianlloyd@ redwood32.freeserve.co.uk.

Information sought on Matt Park

Or relatives. He was born in New Zealand circa 1926; his parents, John and Amelia Park. originally came from Walker, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England. They lived in the Auckland area. Matt served in the RAF during World War 2, possibly as a navigator or observer (having trained for a while in Canada). Contact: Julia Tempest (Matt Park is a cousin of her mother) – juliatempest@aol.com.

Medal found belonging to a Pte Thomas Charlton 6\1260

A Victory Medal belonging to a Pte Thomas Charlton 6\1260, who served with the Canterbury Infantry Battalion 2nd reinforcements in World War 1, has been found in the estate of Lesley Bruce’s mother. Family members have no knowledge of a Thomas Charlton or how they have the medal, which they would like to return to its rightful owner. Contact: Lesley Bruce – 258 Songer St, Stoke Nelson; 03 5473769; lesleyabruce@ gmail.com.

Badge found

RSA badge, number 36503, found in Gisborne/ Whakatane area. Contact: Jamie Quirk – P.O.Box 668 Gisborne; 06 8690460; 0274 324920; Jquirk@ doc.govt.nz.

Childhood friend looking to locate Walter Joe

A long-lost childhood friend is looking for Walter Joe. He is known to have joined the New Zealand Army, but has probably retired. He would be aged about 62. Contact: Robert Savage – bobsavagethebuilder@gmail.com.

French local history group seeks information about Francis Reese

Information or relatives of Francis Reece sought by a French local history group from Brittany trying to trace the crew of a Blenheim bomber (500 Sqd, RAF Coastal Command) which crashlanded near Nantes in September 1941. The three men on board – Francis Reece, W.Smyth (Northern Ireland) and J.Appleyard (Canada) – managed to evade capture for six weeks before being captured in Nantes when the assasination of a German Army officer led to a search. Plt Off Francis Reece 402214, the son of Albert Reece and Minnie Helen King, was born on November 5, 1919 and enlisted on June 27, 1940. Pre-war he lived at Concord, Green Island, Dunedin. He died on October 12, 2001 in Christchurch. The French group has this information, but would still appreciate any further information. The group has a website dedicated to this crew, which it will expand as it acquires more information. Contact: Johnathan Ives – jonathan.ives@gmail.com.

Navy Museum resarcher seeks Ashley Synnott

If you are Ashley Synnott, or a relation of his, contact: Michael Wynd, Navy Museum researcher – 09 4461826; michael.wynd@nzdf.mil.nz.

Photograph requested of Maj Bob Reed

Does anyone have a copy of a photograph of Maj Bob Reed, 23138 MBE, ED. Div. Cav. Regt, or know where there may be one? The dementia unit at the Ranfurly Veterans’ Home is named after him, and a photo is being sought for display there; the unit already has his medals. The MBE was conferred in 1954. Contact: Barbara Smith – bs.smith@xtra.co.nz.

Women's Section Badge found

A NZRSA Women’s Section badge, 21604 (stamped on back), has been found while cleaning out a house. Contact: Pauline and Neville Hadfield – pshrimpton@orcon.net.nz.

Does anyone remember serving with Jim ‘Scotty’ Rankin?

In Italy from 1943 to 1946 with the NZ 2nd division artillery, anti-aircraft. His son is trying find Jim Rankin’s driver. The driver’s nickname was ‘Darkie’ and he was probably part Maori. Contact: Garry Rankin – 07 5782342; leeran@kinect.co.nz.

Information sought on F/S Dupree

Bomber Command, who was admitted to Princess Mary, SRAF Hospital, in Halton, Buckinghamshire, England. His plane has crashed in enemy territoy and he was found by the Underground and helped back to the UK. He was not seriously injured and, after being interrogated by the ‘top brass’ from London, was discharged. British WAAF nursing orderlies Nancy Kaiser (nee MacLeod) and Ivy Malloy (nee Bly) looked after him. Kaiser, who has lived in Australia since 1945, and Malloy, now in Liverpool, UK, never heard what happened to Dupree. He came from the South Island, and they recall that when they were going to London, he would ask them to get him some fruit from the barrows. Contact: Nancy Kaiser – nancykai@iinet.net.au.

Searching for connections to a dictionary inscribed with name 'Chittenden'

A search is on for the family connected with a small but fat French-English dictionary, with the inscription (Fred Chittenden 26/1579, NZ Pioneer Detachment, Forest Control, 1st Army, France, 15/4/1917) inside. Fred Chittenden’s mother was Mrs M A Chittenden, Bridge St, Lower Hutt, and he possibly had a sister, Daisy. Palmerston North cemetery records suggest he may have died on April 19, 1959, aged 69. It is believed that the source of the book was a Mrs Chittenden, a music teacher in Palmerston North 45 years ago. Brian, a son of hers, died on December 1, 2008, but there is no knowledge of other family members. Contact: Rosemary Hancock – P.O.Box 5573, Terrace End, Palmerston North 4441; 21 2178298; evenements@xtra.co.nz.

Searching for Leonard Findlay’s medals

World War 1 – Distinguished Service Medal and two bars, Medaille Militaire (conferred by the president of France), 1914-15 Star, Great War Medal, Victory Medal; World War 2 – 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star, New Zealand War Service Medal. Leonard Findlay was born in Dundee in 1987 and died in New Zealand in 1966, aged 66. He served in the Royal Navy in World War 1 (on Sabrina, Cormorant, Island Prince, Eaglet, Victorious and City of Perth) and in the New Zealand Navy in World War 2 on Philomel and Monowai). He spent most of his working life as a merchant seaman in New Zealand (Holm Shipping Co), and is known to have lived in Taradale, Napier, Masterton, Wellington, Dunedin, Bluff and Lyttelton. His last known address was with the Canterbury Hotel owner, Maurice Scott. The medals could have been mislaid or left in any of these places, or he could have donated them to an RSA. His ashes were scattered by HMS Pegasus at Lyttelton Heads, with local RSA members in attendance. His son, Malcolm Findlay, served in the New Zealand Navy from 1944-46, and is now 85. Contact: Malcolm J.Findlay – Villa 431, Accacia Cove Retirement Village, 131 Wattle Farm Rd. Wattle Downs, Manukau; bluedawn@xtra.co.nz.

Ypres museum would like photographs of Commonwealth soldiers

The Flanders Field Museum, in Ypres, Belgium, is setting up a database of all soldiers from the Commonwealth killed in France and Belgium during World War 1. The museum would like to include photographs of these soldiers. Johan Moors, a World War 1 researcher from Belgium, is involved in the project, locating the graves of Australian, New Zealand, Irish, Canadian and British soldiers. He sends the families a photo of the headstone at no charge. He also will plastify the photo and insert it in the Book of Remembrance at the cemetery. Contact: Johan Moors – ypres.salient@hotmail.com.

Search for Fred Leary or O'Leary

Andrew Lewis is trying to find his father, Fred Leary or O’Leary, who is thought to have come from Huntly and is known served on the HMS Bellona in 1949-50. Andrew Lewis, who was adopted out when he was born in 1950, has been searching for his father for more than 30 years. Contact: Samantha Lewis – 304 Stoney Creek Rd, Whakarongo, Palmerston North 4470; samantha.jean.lewis@gmail.com.

Medals found at dawn service parade in Wellington

Three medals were handed in to the Featherston RSA by the NZ Army after the dawn service parade in Wellington. They are: Defence Medal 1939- 1945; For Service To New Zealand 1939-1945; Air Crew Europe Star. There are no names on them. Contact: Christine Hirter, administration office/ club manager, Featherston Memorial RSA – 57 Fox St, Featherston; 06 3089873; 027 264493

Seeking relatives of Sgt Percy Fisher Watson

Contact sought with relatives of Sgt Percy Fisher Watson NZ415569, RNZAF KIA (photo of grave, below), who was the navigator and one of six airmen killed when their Halifax bomber crashed over Dolfijnweg, in The Netherlands, at 12:17am on July 26, 1943. He was the son of George Daniel and Margaret Watson, and was married to Barbara Calder Watson from Otago. The Watson family lived in Waimate and Oamaru. Mark Hakvoort, whose grandfather owns the farm on which the plane crashed, met the sole surviver, Sgt Jock Loudon (the rear gunner) in 1979 and again in 1989, who told him of the background and the details of the crash. Loudon died in 2003. Contact: Mark Hakvoort – Slootdorp, The Netherlands; hakvo138@planet.nl.

John Lear seeks old friends

John Lear, ex-RNZAF (also ex-RAF) now back in the United Kingdom, would like to re-establish contacts with John Pendreigh, I.T.S. 28 course mates (1958) and other old friends from Wigram, Shelly Bay and Hobsonville. Contact: John Lear – ‘Cartref’, Eastville Rd, Toynton St Peter, Lincolnshire PE23 5AT, United Kingdom; john. lear@ymail.com.

Marielle Craighead is researching the owner of a silver war badge, inscribed Gilbert George Cross NZ11238

He died in Belgium (and is buried there) on October 12, 1917. She has been to ancestry.com.au and National Archives World War 1. The family believes that Gilbert Cross and their grandfather, Charles Robert Edwards, both served in the Otago Battalion. Any clues on tracing badge to return it to its owners much appreciated. Contact: Marielle Craighead – 28 Fache St, Clyde 9330; marielle.c@xtra.co.nz.

Found: War medal belonging to Percy Huia Knewstubb

World War 1 2/897, Army (R18057861) 1914 – 1918. BDM:Reg Number: 1954/24123. Died, aged 61. Vern Peterson would like to return to owners. Contact: Vern Peterson – 07 3085537; vandjpeterson@xtra.co.nz.

Bryan Oliver is looking for Pat Mather

Or relatives. Pat was seconded from New Zealand to the British Navy during World War 2 and served on HMS Castor Castle in the North Atlantic. His whanau may be from the Taranaki area. Contact: Bryan Oliver – 6 Ihimaera Tce, Cambridge 3432; revilos@xtra.co.nz.

Daughter seeks information on Sgt Victor Pratt 

Sgt Victor Pratt  36615 2 NZEF, served in the Middle East. His daughter lost touch with him in the early 1950s and would appreciate contact with anyone who knew him or who can tell her anything about him, his whereabouts or his grave. Contact: Margaret Newton – 164 Collingwood St, Nelson.

Mervyn Tyree wants to contact Peter Langdon and Martin Pearson

Who were part of the original crew of HMNZS Endeavour. The ship was commissioned in San Francisco 1962-63 and made its maiden voyage to Antarctica. Contact: Mervyn Tyree – c/- 180 Wishart Rd, RD2, Helensville, Auckland; 09 9473369.

27 Machine Gun Battalion No. 3 Platoon

Richard Cato would like to share photos and stories he has of descendants and families of men who served in 27 Machine Gun Battalion No. 3 Platoon. Contact: Richard Cato – 07 8236723; dewrich@xtra.co.nz.

War grave repair

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage is responsible for the graves of serving members of the Armed Forces who died within New Zealand during World Wars 1 and 2. The ministry wants to make structural repairs to 20 war graves in the public areas of the Waikumete Cemetery, in Auckland, this summer. The ministry would like to make contact with relatives of: Brett, Pte, William, d. 29.9.17; Brown, Rfm, John Samuel, d. 29.10.18; Commons, Pte, Hugh, d. 17.6.20; Evans, Pte, Daniel, d. 28.12.18; Gamble, Pte, Albert, d. 7.2.20; Gilmour, LAC, Angus Victor Macleod, d. 21.1.41; Grace, Rfm, David Patrick, d. 22.11.18; Grant, A.B., Frederick, d. 15.9.14; Handley, Spr, Charles Burgoyne, d. 3.8.18; Harris, Rfm, Arthur, d. 2.4.19; Hartneady, Pte, Edmond Stanley, d. 29.8.40; Hill, Tpr, Alan Roger, d. 4.4.42; Howarth, Pte, Harold, d. 15.12.18; Johnson, Spr, Ebenezer, d. 12.1.21; McDonald, LAC, Roderick William, d. 2.2.43; Ross, Sub. Lt, Angus Alexander, d. 23.9.42; Taumataua, Pte, d. 19.12.16; Warden, W.O., Francis John, d. 18.1.47; Wilson, Pte, Herbert Beaumont, d. 16.5.17; Yeend, Pte, Henry William, d. 10. 1.17. Information: Margaret Marks – senior adviser, war graves, Ministry for Culture and Heritage, Wellington; 04 4966343; margaret.marks@mch.govt.nz. By September 30, 2012.

The No 20 Boy Entrant School (BES) and No 2 Certificate Engineering Trainees (CET) of year 1963 are planning a reunion

In Blenheim next February. The reunion committee is seeking contact details for 23 people - A Flight: E.D.Carter (communications) New Plymouth, P.R.Taylor (communications) Auckland, A.A.Turner (electrical) Auckland. B Flight: L.M.Chambers (air frames) Ashburton, G.C.Jenkins (engines) Whangarei, B.A.Mead(instruments) Auckland, maybe Queensland, Australia, P.J.Mott (instruments) Lower Hutt, O.G.Murcott (air frames) Waihi Beach, R.J.Ramsey (instruments) Tuakau, R.E.Voight (air frames) Tokoroa. C Flight: M.J.Hanley (armament) Ashburton. R.A.Jackson (engines) Gibson, A.J.McIntosh (air frames) Dannevirke, S.D.Oates (engines) Wairoa, maybe United States, M.R.Tucker (engines) Otaki. E Flight: J.R.Berry (supplier) Rotowaro, W.M.Jameson (supplier) Wellington, R.S.Matheson (supplier) Papakura, M.P.O’Sullivan (clerk PA) Auckland, G.H.Thorne (teleg) Christchurch. F Flight: A.H.Dreadon (radio) Ruawai, A.F.Burns (radio) Blenheim, maybe Perth, Australia, R.C.Murdock (radio) Morrinsville. Contact: Ian Nalder or Rex Ashwell – macaranga@ozemail.com.au.

Flyboys and greasemonkeys invited to airshow

487 Sqn and World War 2 Mosquito air and ground crew – that’s the ‘flyboys’ and the ‘grease monkeys’ who kept them in the air – are invited as guests of honour to an airshow and dinner on September 29. The events will be a celebration and remembrance to showcase the pubnlic launch of a Mosquito restored by specialist aviation firm Avspecs and Glyn Powell at Ardmore. Send names and contact details (yours, plus those of any mates you know of) to: Ray Tocker –164 Burns St, Leamington Cambridge; 07) 8275505 (ph and fax); 0274 854334; tockerr@xtra.co.nz.

Information sought on Terry Ryan

A New Zealander who joined Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth on April 28, 1963. He is believed to have been in the Royal New Zealand Navy at that time. He was an officer-cadet trainee pilot and is believe to have failed his flying training at Linton-on-Ouse, Yorkshire. He probably returned to serve in the Royal New Zealand Navy in some capacity. The organisers of a 50-year reunion of the Britannia Royal Naval College 1963 entry in Dartmouth on April 27, 2013 in Dartmouth are trying to trace Terry Ryan. Contact: Richard G. (Sandy) Parker – P.O.Box 596, Kerikeri 0245, Bay of Islands; 09 401666; sandycrispins@xtra.co.nz. Or pass these details on to Terry Ryan to make contact.

Chris Duffield seeks soliders who recollect CT campsite

CT campsite

Chris Duffield, an Australian soldier attached to 1RNZIR transport platoon, was part of a convoy in Malaysia in 1973. 

He is seeking any soldier who recalls 
coming upon the Communist terrorist (CT) campsite (see photo, above) and can validate his account of what happened. Duffield says rhe campsite had been evacuated just before they arrived. The convoy went into defensive mode and a clearing patrol was sent out, but no contact was made. The incident would have been reported through the administration system. The convoy commander and officer in command of the transport platoon was Capt Bruce Johnson (now dead). 


Contact: Chris Duffield – cjandcm@adelaide.on.net.



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